Live Music Alert! GHOST and MELVINS in Pittsburgh this Weekend




That’s right, these two titans of (the music) industry will be making an appearance in Pittsburgh: Ghost (who were here exactly five years ago today and gave one of the more memorable performances I’ve ever witnessed) TONIGHT, Friday the 18th; and (the) Melvins (who also came through town five years ago this month, with what was quite possibly THE best show I’ve seen) TOMORROW night, Saturday the 19th!

Stick around for more details on this weekend’s shows, as well as a bit of a walk down memory lane…


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The Ghost: Rats! on the Road Tour was named after their latest single “Rats,” taken from their upcoming new album Prequelle (due out 01 June 2018).

This tour finds the melodramatic troupe haunting some rather upscale theaters and fancier venues. Tonight’s show in Pittsburgh is no exception, as they’ll be in the ornately designed Benedum Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the Stanley Theater) located in the city’s Cultural District.

The Benedum is best known as the current home to the Pittsburgh Opera, Civic Light Opera, and the Pittsburgh Ballet, but tonight the historic stage will be hosting the Swedish occult-pop-rock sensation whose saccharine melodies and mesmerizing rhythms combine with a dark satire of religious (especially Catholic) rites and liturgies.

Find more details about tonight’s show here, and tickets are available through the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust here.

Doors open at 7:00 and two full sets of Ghost music begin at 8:00.




The legendary sludge/grunge/etc. innovators Melvins are touring the U.S. following the April 2018 release of their latest Pinkus Abortion Technician, partially named for the Butthole SurfersJeff Pinkus, who has joined permanent members Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover, and bassist du jour Steven McDonald, on the new record and on the current tour as a second bassist.

Tomorrow night these guys will be doing their thing at another historic venue, The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood. Doors are at 7, music starts at 8. Further information is located right here, while tickets may be procured from Ticketfly here.


PS: in case you’ve missed it, check out what we had to say about the band’s 2016 release Basses Loaded, their 2012 EP The Bulls & The Bees, as well as King Buzzo‘s 2014 solo record This Machine Kills Artists!


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Ghost at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, 18 May 2013




Just weeks after the release of their sophomore album Infestissumam, this live ritual certainly looked and sounded impressive within the context of Mr. Smalls, formerly a church, in Millvale (just slightly upriver from Pittsburgh). Find more photos from this show here, as well as more videos on YouTube.






Melvins at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, 27 May 2013




On Memorial Day 2013, the Melvins hit the stage, this time with only one bassist but a pair of drummers, and proceeded to amaze a sold-out theater for hours. Please forgive the terrible sound quality of the videos below, which certainly do not do justice to the actual experience. A few more photos from this show are located here.




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