Sepulcros – Vazio (2021)

SepulcrosVazio (Transcending Obscurity Records, 12 March 2021)


Happy Friday! For your enjoyment: this monster of a debut from Portugal’s Sepulcros, released today by Transcending Obscurity.

Just look at that gorgeous Mariusz Lewandowski cover art. And then search for the band’s name on Google Translate (“sepulcros” is the plural form of “sepulcro” which means “tomb or sepulchre”). Feel free to look up the album’s title while you’re there (“vazio” means “empty or devoid,” from the same Latin root as “vacant” or “vacuous”).

You probably already have a fairly good idea of what to expect now, don’t you? And you’re probably right!



From the very start of this album’s title track (the first proper song of the album, following a minute-long snippet that introduces its subterranean and claustrophobic setting), it thoroughly oozes death-doom. Obviously, that’s the name of a genre and is used as a broad descriptive term for pretty much anything that shares any characteristics of death metal and doom metal. But in this case, I mean that the music literally sounds like death and literally sounds like doom.

Massive chunky chords threaten to overcome the listener, just like that overwhelming feeling of nameless dread — where you couldn’t even identify a specific source or reason for it, but you just feel yourself gripped by an immobilizing sense of general terror. This wraps itself around the drumming, powerful banging and beating that echoes endlessly as though interred within stark stone walls.

Occasionally and unpredictably the music will quicken with fitful blasts and bursts of energy, but for the most part it creeps along at a glacial pace, like some ancient and ageless chthonic being. And along those same lines, buried beneath all the rest, are the vocals: indecipherable and unfathomable, issuing forth from some abyssal plane.




* * * * * * *


You can download or stream Vazio from Bandcamp, but while you’re there be sure to check out the incredible array of physical options: over a dozen different items or combos, including t-shirts and hoodies, CDs/LPs/cassettes, some of which even come in a limited laser-etched wooden case!


* * * * * * * (US store) (EU store)


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