The Limit – Caveman Logic (2021)

The LimitCaveman Logic (Svart Records, 09 April 2021)


Here’s a Friday afternoon riddle for you: what do you get when you mix a couple musicians from highly influential proto-punk/punk-rock bands of the 70s, a couple musicians from a 21st-century doom band, and then round out the line-up with with a vocalist widely regarded as one of the main influencers and forefathers of doom metal from the 70s to present?

More specifically, bassist Jimmy Recca (best known for a brief stint with The Stooges in 1971 before the band broke up for the first time, although he later went on to play with guitarist Ron Asheton‘s band The New Order after The Stooges broke up again) and guitarist Sonny Vincent (of the short-lived, late-70s NYC punk band Testors, as well as an extensive solo and collaborative career ever since then), plus Hugo Conim and Joao Pedro (guitar and drums, respectively, from Portuguese doom band Dawnrider), probably the best-known member of this musical collective, especially to readers of this website, would be vocalist Bobby Liebling (the only constant member of Pentagram throughout their long and tumultuous history)…



The short answer is, the distillation (which they call The Limit) ends up sounding like… well… pretty much like Stooges-style garage-rock or proto-punk.

Released today by Finland’s Svart Records, Caveman Logic presents a dozen hard rock tunes that perfectly recreate the genuine feeling of raw swagger and unpredictable energy from that era; fast tempos and nasty tones, all shaded with a bit of darkness. Unsurprising, to be honest, when you consider that they’ve been written and principally performed by a handful of guys who were there — and who managed to still be at it five whole decades later!





Caveman Logic is available on CD or vinyl here / (EU) or stream/download here (EU).
You can also find the CD/vinyl/MP3 versions here (US).


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