Domkraft – The End of Electricity (2016), Flood (2018), Seeds (2021)

DomkraftThe End of Electricity (Magnetic Eye Records, 11 November 2016)


DomkraftFlood (Blues Funeral Recordings, 19 October 2018)


DomkraftSeeds (Magnetic Eye Records, 30 April 2021)


Happy Friday, y’all! I’m about to send you off into the weekend with THREE whole albums you can jam out to.

Sweden’s Domkraft (compounded from the words for “doom” and “power“) have been churning out the doomy/sludgy/spacey hits for YEARS. (Well maybe not exactly hits — the band described them as “trudging, 10-minute/three chord songs.”)

Their latest record drops today, but the first two are equally worth checking out, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of them…



From the very first moments of 2016’s The End of Electricity, the gritty-rumbly bassline that kicks off 10+ minute opening track “The Rift” will immediately have you hooked, ready to go on whatever voyage may lie ahead. The band adds trippy guitar riffs and vocals that are sort of a faraway-sounding yelling; mostly slow-moving and chill vibes overall.

Throughout the tracks that follow, hypnotic, repetitive grooves all around is pretty much the name of the game. But occasionally the trio will get real out there — in particular there’s a point during “Meltdown of the Orb” where the drum part consists of a savage attack across all the toms, seeming inspired by some of the wilder moments of a song like “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” or “A Saucerful of Secrets.”

Follow-up Flood continues in a very similar vein, although it does start off sounding even more psychedelic and spaced-out than its predecessor (with, surprise!, another ~10-min opener “Landslide”). Again the songs here are all fairly slow and drawn-out, perfect aural accompaniment to whatever recreational relaxation techniques you may prefer. One intriguing standout here was during “Sandwalker,” which during a few parts features somewhat of a halting rhythm, where it keeps feeling like there’s an unexpected ever-so-brief pause, leaving the listener anxiously antici… pating that next beat.

Which brings us up to today, with the brand-new Seeds. By now we’ve got a pretty solid idea of what we’re expecting, and by no means will we end up disappointed here. The vocals range from semi-melodic to a kind of exasperated hollering to a rather distraught shouting. Otherwise, waves of psychedelia swirled together with an undercurrent of crunchy rhythms, on and on into infinity. And beyond.


You can find each of Domkraft‘s releases in various formats right here.


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