Glassing – Spotted Horse (2019), Twin Dream (2021)

Good afternoon. Now comes the part where I would like to draw your attention to Texan ‘postgazecore’ (or something like that) band, Glassing — specifically the last album they released in 2019 and the one that just came out last month.



GlassingSpotted Horse (Brutal Panda Records, 17 May 2019)


GlassingTwin Dream (Brutal Panda Records, 05 November 2021)


Each of these releases is a wild trip that lasts somehwere around three-quarters of an hour, and includes sojourns all over the genre map. For example: Spotted Horse comes right out of the gates at a peak level of intensity, a point to which you might think some post-metal band had been building for like 18 minutes or so — and from there, we have some furious mathy moments; some heavy, distorted, and disharmonious; plenty of progressive guitars paired with harsh screaming, jangly post-rock guitars with vile hardcore yelling; and even the occasional dreamy, mellow psychedelic interlude. Not to mention plenty of tracks that start out dreamy-sounding but quickly and unexpectedly turn nightmarish.


And this year’s Twin Dream revisits much of the same territory, only to all new extremes. Monolithic doomy heaviness, meatgrinder guitar riffs, psychedelic post-metal leads during spaced-out sections, sometimes there’s even straight up blastbeats and blackness. Blackened hardcore screaming, often paired with gutteral roaring. Post-doom, post-black metal, post-blackened hardcore/doom; hints of shoegaze, gothic post-punk, maybe even epic blackened-deathened-post-hardcore. If any of this sounds like a good combination to you, I would implore you not to miss these records. In fact, as much as I hate revealing any spoilers ahead of time, at this moment I’m finishing writing this article while revisiting some of the entrants I had already written in on my year-end list for 2021, because after spending the earlier part of the day with Glassing now I need to figure out which one is getting bumped to make room for a new addition…






* * * * * * *


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