Úzkost – Mt’hr (2022)

ÚzkostMt’hr (self-released, 30 September 2022)


Happy Bandcamp Friday y’all!

It’s been two whole years since Pittsburghers Úzkost put out their delightfully deranged “Blood Debt.” But just a few days ago they returned with a brand-new single, and the promise of more forthcoming! Here’s “Mt’hr.”



As the band has evolved over the years, their material has grown increasingly complex and dense, delving further and further into blackness and deathiness while drifting away from their doomed-hardcore roots (although those influences have always remained just at the periphery of Úzkost‘s music).

This new song similarly shows traces of that continued growth; hellaciously tortured vocals over highly technical playing, tempos and rhythms that give off a decidedly avant-garde or experimental death metal flavor. But at the same time, it’s immediately apparent that — line-up changes and maturation be damned — this is a band that still remembers how to write those memorably gut-punching riffs that we listeners have been falling in love with over the past decade or so.

Between the monumentally sludgy intro and a few “when the riff comes back but slower” moments sprinkled throughout, I have not been able to stop listening to this song during this past week. And chances are, you may end up feeling the same way.

You can stream or download “Mt’hr” at Bandcamp (see below), and while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up one of the band’s beautiful new guillotine-themed patches!



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