THE TROLLS ARE COMING!! (Finntroll and TrollfesT Announce North American Tours)



Specifically, the Finnish masters of “humppa” style folk metal, Finntroll, and the originators of “True Norwegian Balkan Metal”, TrollfesT, are both coming to North America later this year — separately, although each of them will be part of a tour package that will surely have any fan of folk/pagan metal salivating with anticipation! Even better, both bands will be making a stop in Pittsburgh!!

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Get ’em While They’re Hot: Download a Brand New Bonded By Blood Song for Free!


Good morning.  Do you like free music?  Do you like thrash metal?  Of course you do, I was only kidding.

Bonded By Blood, who are associated with the contemporary “re-thrash” revivalist movement (and not, as the name implies, an Exodus tribute band), are putting out a new album, The Aftermath, on the 3rd of July (2nd July in Europe) through Earache Records.  In anticipation of that forthcoming release — their third full-length and fourth overall — they’re offering up a brand new track from that album for you to download for FREE!

Also I’ve got some pre-order info as well as tour dates to share with you, so keep on scrolling…

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