Tours Galore: Eyehategod + Enabler + Ringworm


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Happy/Sad News: NHR Records R.I.P. Sale – All CDs $2

So I’ve just discovered some unfortunate news: Canadian independent label/distributor NHR Records is being forced to close down, due to the declined state of the music industry.


We at NHR Records have worked diligently over the years to adjust to the shrinking markets and we would like to thank everyone for their support over the 8 years we were in business. Unfortunately however, our operations have been affected harder than most with the decrease in volumes and general market softness in recent years. We have done everything that we can to sustain our business, but have come to the point where no other course of action was possible.
We are officially closing our business down June 29, 2012.

Again, we would like to thank all the bands and labels we have been in contact with or partnered with over the years. We would like to also expecally thank our customers past and present for all their support! With out you there would not have been a label.

The NHR Records Crew

However, if there is anything positive that can be said about this development, it would be the fact that all in-stock CDs have been temporarily slashed to just $2 plus shipping, but only through the end of this weekend.


This sale includes all NHR releases (Evil Wrath, Geimhre, Grendel, Grim Winter, Hot Graves, Keller, King, KRV, Overthrow, Primal Dawn, Skagos, Snowfall, Svartskog, Wurm) as well as dozens of other distro titles.

Click here to start shopping, but hurry, the sale ends on 17 June!

Free Music Alert: New Compilation from ThrashHead Magazine


Hey, Readers!  How are you on this fine Saturday evening?  Just wanted to throw up this quick update to let you know about a great new collection of FREE music you can download right now from ThrashHead Magazine!

This was brought to my attention when Armor Column posted about it on their Facebook page — the collection A Gallery of Rogues includes a song of theirs, plus a whole bunch of other great bands, like: Hellbastard, Helm, Humungus, Amebix, Arkham, Rezet, Cormorant, Ramming Speed, Out of Tune, Hell’s Thrash Horsemen, Resistant Culture, Conan, Hellkrusher, Impalers, Suicide State, Occultist, Hot Graves, SMD, Toe Tag, Slomatics, Monger, Insane, Rat Damage, Worshit, Juventud Podrida, Cain, Aphatos, Fucktard, Krang, Hollow Leg, Church of Disgust, Violentor, and Randomorder!

Grab it here:


ThrashHead: website, Facebook