The “Signmeto” Unsigned Band of the Week: L.A. Cobra

Well, shit. Another weekend flew by way too quickly, and now it’s Monday again. Aren’t Mondays pretty much the worst thing ever? I can’t think of many things that are worse. I don’t know if it’s too early to start looking forward to next weekend already, but that’s kind of how I’m feeling. Perhaps some fun party music will help to pass the time? Maybe, who knows.

Today (just like every Monday) I’ve gone to the “Sign Me to Roadrunner Records” website to find some new music, and I saw that I’d received a message from a band called L.A. Cobra, who play glam/hair metal. Based on everything you know about this band so far, I’ll give you three guesses where they come from.

Did you say South Africa? I bet you didn’t, but that’s the correct answer. Pretoria, to be specific. If you’ve never heard an African band that recreates that 80’s Sunset Strip vibe, then come right this way, because you’re in for a real treat.

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Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh This Weekend (12 May 2012)

Hi there.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these “What To Do In Pittsburgh” features, but there are a couple interesting events coming up this Saturday (12 May) that I’d like to bring to your attention.  For the record, if you work for a local promotion company, a venue, or a band, I can only write about the shows that I know about!  So get in touch with me if you’ve got something you want to share.

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