Get ’em While They’re Hot: The Soda Shop Presents a New Compilation – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Well, The Soda Shop has done it again — they keep putting together these incredible compilations (and then giving them away for free), full of the same great stoner/fuzz/psychedelic/doom/blues bands they are constantly writing about on their blog.

The third volume has just been released, featuring songs by: The Dead Exs, The Heavy Eyes, The Grand Astoria, Mothership, Fellwoods, Shock Radar, Orcus Chylde, The Big Wheel Stunt Show, Groan, The Heavy Company, Once-ler and Venomin James.

I’ve heard most of these bands before (most of them after being introduced to them via The Soda Shop!), and I look forward to hearing the rest of them as soon as this finishes downloading. See the Bandcamp widget below to grab your own copy…

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Get ’em While They’re Hot: Three Free HUGE Compilations from Grip of Delusion Radio!

Check this out! The nice people at Grip of Delusion Radio have put together a gigantic compilation in three volumes (over one hundred songs altogether!) and they’re yours for the taking, absolutely free of charge. There are some pretty awesome bands represented here, including a couple I’ve written about in the past (Vulture and Undersmile) and one that I’ll be reviewing very soon (Fire in the Cave), plus Banda de la Muerte, Heavy Lord, Forged in Flame, Wo Fat, Cultura Tres, Thorr Axe, Behold! The Monolith, Shroud of Despondency, and tons more!!

These were just released on Sunday (01 April) and by Monday they had already run out of free Bandcamp downloads! But mere minutes ago, it was announced that due to the generosity of The Soda Shop, they’ve just added on another thousand downloads… so hurry up and grab one while you still can!

See the Bandcamp widgets below for each of the three volumes, where you can download them if you like (or just listen to the songs and then download your favorites)…

If the Bandcamp well runs dry again, don’t fear, they have alternate download capabilities on this page — including a link to Mediafire (where you can grab the songs one at a time) and Dropbox (which offers all three volumes in a single Gig-and-a-half bundle).


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