Get ’em While They’re Hot: The Soda Shop Presents a New Compilation – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Well, The Soda Shop has done it again — they keep putting together these incredible compilations (and then giving them away for free), full of the same great stoner/fuzz/psychedelic/doom/blues bands they are constantly writing about on their blog.

The third volume has just been released, featuring songs by: The Dead Exs, The Heavy Eyes, The Grand Astoria, Mothership, Fellwoods, Shock Radar, Orcus Chylde, The Big Wheel Stunt Show, Groan, The Heavy Company, Once-ler and Venomin James.

I’ve heard most of these bands before (most of them after being introduced to them via The Soda Shop!), and I look forward to hearing the rest of them as soon as this finishes downloading. See the Bandcamp widget below to grab your own copy…


If you haven’t already gotten the first two volumes in this series, hurry up and click here and here to check those out as well!

The Soda Shop: website, Facebook, Bandcamp


2 responses to “Get ’em While They’re Hot: The Soda Shop Presents a New Compilation – FREE DOWNLOAD!

    • Well that sucks! I just re-entered the embed coding… and it looks ok to me, try it now?

      If it still won’t work for you, you can just go directly to the Soda Shop’s Bandcamp page (here) and download it from there.


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