Coming Soon: The Gates of Slumber – The Awakening (Vinyl Re-issue)

Well, how about that. Just a few days ago we talked about the epic doom heroes that are The Gates of Slumber (including a full list of their current tour dates – see that post for more details). And now I’ve just learned that Abyss Records has announced plans to re-issue the band’s 2004 debut album …The Awakening!

The cover art (shown above), is not the same painting that was used on the original release (which was taken from Pieter Bruegel’s “The Triumph of Death”), but from what I understand, this new artwork (which was done by Ken Kelly) is also what had been used for the extremely limited 2xLP edition, which has been long out of print. Just like that original vinyl edition, this re-release includes “The Cloaked Figure” (which originally appeared on the band’s third demo recording, also from 2004) as a bonus track.

The record won’t actually be available until the fall of this year, but keep an eye on the band and label (see links below) for any new updates, including when the pre-order process will begin!

The Gates of Slumber: website, Facebook
Abyss Records: website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Youtube


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