Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh This Weekend (12-15 April 2012)

Hello, readers! How are you? I think I’ve officially recovered from the holiday weekend and am ready to get back into the swing of posting updates. Did you have a nice Easter? I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to Ghost, since I finally got around to picking up Opus Eponymous on CD almost two weeks ago. I like it a lot, but I’ve kind of got a funny feeling about it. I haven’t tried slowing it down or playing it backwards or anything, but I get the impression that there might be some kind of hidden evil messages or something. Oh well. Hey, speaking of which, they’ll be coming to town in just a few more days! In fact, they’re just one of a whole slew of awesome bands playing in Pittsburgh over the coming weekend. Just keep on reading for all the details on this show and tons more.




Opus One Productions Presents The Decibel Magazine Tour 2012

Featuring Behemoth, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude

Thursday, 12 April 2012 – Mr. Smalls Theatre

All Ages – $22 ADV / $25 DOS – Doors @ 7:00


I posted about this show way back in January when it was announced, but a lot has happened since then!

First, there were headlines all over the internet because the opening date of the tour (tonight – 11 April – in Columbus, Ohio) had to suddenly switch venues… because apparently the owner of the originally scheduled location had just realized that headliners Behemoth were NOT the wholesome Christian band he had assumed. (Despite the fact that frontman Nergal was officially cleared of any wrong-doing in the infamous “bible tearing incident” in their native Poland!)

Then, just a few days ago, it was announced that the Swedish black metal band Watain, would have to drop out of the first few dates of the tour (which includes the Pittsburgh show), due to that bane of European bands’ existence, Visa Problems. I haven’t seen any word about a replacement band, but considering that the tour starts tonight and the Mr. Smalls show is tomorrow night, it might be too late to find a stand-in. Anyway, Watain is now due to join the tour starting with their Lawrence, Kansas show on the 16th of April.

Nevertheless, The Devil’s Blood and In Solitude, two excellent occult rock/metal bands, are still coming along for the ride, which by itself should make this a must-see show. (As you may recall, In Solitude had one of my “Top 11 of 2011” albums.)

Anyway, you can find more information about the Decibel Tour at the official website, RSVP to the Facebook event here, and tickets are available for Thursday’s show at this location.

Facebook pages: Behemoth, The Devil’s Blood, In Solitude, Decibel Magazine, Mr. Smalls Theatre, Opus One Productions, Watain




Allure of the Earth Productions Presents
a Friday the 13th special all-ages local showcase!

With Torrential Bleeding, Invader, Lycosa, and United By Hate

Friday, 13 April 2012 – Mr. Roboto Project

All Ages – $5 – Doors @ 7:00


This is Torrential Bleeding’s first show since the first Iron Atrocity v.2 benefit show back in December! Performing alongside Invader, whose self-titled album was recently reviewed here; Lycosa, who recently appeared at the second Iron Atrocity v.2 benefit show and are scheduled to appear on that forthcoming compilation; and United By Hate, also slated to appear on the next volume of Iron Atrocity.

Get more details and RSVP at the Facebook event pages here (Allure of the Earth) and here (Lycosa).

Facebook pages: Torrential Bleeding, Invader, Lycosa, United By Hate, Allure of the Earth Productions, The Mr. Roboto Project, Iron Atrocity




Steel City Slingers, Ernie and the Berts and Look Out Loretta

Friday, 13 April 2012 – Howlers Coyote Cafe

21+ Only – $5 – Doors @ 9:00


Only about 3 miles away from the Consol Energy Center, you can celebrate a Penguins playoff victory by rocking out with Steel City Slingers (featuring members of Rustbelt Homewreckers and Undercover Saints), along with our old pals Ernie and the Berts, and (apparently) fellow hockey fanatics Look Out Loretta!

RSVP here (EatB) and here (SCS)!

Facebook pages: Steel City Slingers, Ernie and the Berts, Look Out Loretta, Howlers Coyote Cafe, Rustbelt Homewreckers, Undercover Saints




The Fallout Shelter Presents The Return From Hell

With Vagora, Children of October, Sick Twisted Debauchery, and (either The Scratch ‘n’ Sniffs or Don’t Wake the Dead)

Saturday, 14 April 2012 – The Fallout Shelter

21+ Only – $5 – Doors @ 8:30


It’s an evening of crazy punk rock in Aliquippa, PA, starring Rhode Island’s Vagora (with special guest guitarist Carlos Cofino of Darrow Chemical Company/The Doomsday Prophecy/Gotham Road), and featuring locals Children of October (no relation), S.T.D., and (either the Scratch ‘n’ Sniffs or Don’t Wake the Dead — I’ve seen two different versions of this same flier, and I can’t tell for sure which one is accurate! I will update this post as soon as I’ve confirmed one way or the other…)

RSVP here (Children of October’s Rick O Mortis) and here (Bandsintown)!

Facebook pages: Vagora, Children of October, Sick Twisted Debauchery, The Scratch ‘n’ Sniffs, Don’t Wake the Dead, The Fallout Shelter




The Bloody Seamen, Rogue Signals, and Del Rios

Saturday, 14 April 2012 – Gooski’s

21+ Only – $5 – 10:00pm


If you happen to be near Polish Hill this Saturday, here’s a show you won’t want to miss! Pittsburgh’s premier pirate metal band The Bloody Seamen are setting sail for Gooski’s bar, and with them are Del Rios(fronted by Mary Bielich, also the bassist for Mud City Manglers, and former member of Penance and Novembers Doom), and Rogue Signals (Molasses Barge guitarist Justin Gizzi‘s “other” band)!

RSVP at the Facebook event page here!

Facebook pages: The Bloody Seamen, Rogue Signals, Del Rios, Gooski’s, Mud City Manglers, Molasses Barge




Sistered, ** ***, and Mockingbird

Saturday, 14 April 2012 – Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

21+ Only – $5 – 10:00pm


Saturday night, if you want to get your stoner-fuzz-sludge metal fix, why not swing by Bloomfield and check out local heavy-hitters Sistered, with friends (and fellow Innervenus Music Collective associates) Mockingbird from Akron, and ** ***?

RSVP to the Facebook event here!

Facebook pages: Sistered, Mockingbird, Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, Innervenus




And finally……….

105.9 The X Presents Mastodon and Opeth

With special guest Ghost

Sunday, 15 April 2012 – Stage AE

All Ages/General Admission – $29.50 ADV / $34.00 DOS – Doors @ 6:30


I’ve already talked about this show at length, so I don’t know what more needs to be said, except…

RSVP to the Facebook Event here and get your tickets here!

Facebook pages: Mastodon, Opeth, Ghost, Stage AE, 105.9 The X




Now, don’t let me hear anybody say they don’t have anything to do!


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