Tomorrow is International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day!

So what in the hell does that mean, you may be asking yourself. Well isn’t it obvious from the name? Tomorrow (3 May 2012) starting at 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (that’s GMT+10, so for example, it would be 8 am in the UK, or 3 am on the American east coast), a brand new song will be available for your listening pleasure — courtesy of Melbourne-based, violin-centric, progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris. And, well, I’ll let them explain the rest:

Do you have good manners?

From very little we’re taught that sharing is the polite thing to do. So later today at 5pm (AEST), May 3, 2012 we are going to put up a new song from the album ‘Portal Of I’ (out May 7!), and in return all we ask of you guys is that if you like it, share it!

Let’s see how many people we can get sharing this song and how many people we can get to hear it!

Don’t hog it all to yourself, be polite and share.

You can RSVP to International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day here.

**Update: head on over here to check out the new song!**

New album Portal of I can be pre-ordered here; the official release date is the 7th of May.

Ne Obliviscaris: website, Facebook
Welkin Records: Facebook


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