Resent – Crosshairs (2020)

ResentCrosshairs (Dry Cough Records (UK) / Nerve Altar (US) / Rope or Guillotine (NL), 01 May 2020)


Things are looking pretty bleak right now — every day the news being reported sounds worse than the day before, and nobody can agree on how we can fix anything or when we’ll ever get back to a state resembling normalcy.

So with that in mind, perhaps you are looking for something cheery and uplifting to distract you and take your mind off the misery of your daily existence. If so, you’ve come to the wrong place, buddy.

Here is Crosshairs, debut LP by British Columbia’s Resent.


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Out Last Month: Ne Obliviscaris – Portal of I


Ne ObliviscarisPortal of I (11 June 2012, Code666 Records)

How’s it going, Dear Readers? I’ve got another amazing album I would like to share with you. I’ve been so fortunate with how much good stuff I’ve been coming across lately, I only wish that I had more time to write about it all so that you could have the chance to read about it and listen to it sooner! I guess what I’m saying is, it makes me feel guilty that my brain and fingers don’t work quite as fast as my ears sometimes…

Anyway, here we have Portal of I, the (relatively) new album by the Melburnian sextet Ne Obliviscaris. I usually have a pretty good memory when it comes to my history with specific bands, but to be honest I have no idea where or when I discovered these guys. Chances are, I probably read something about them over at No Clean Singing, or possibly at The Number of the Blog, since I’ve made an awful lot of discoveries through both of those places.

Oh and by the way, for all you former TNOTB readers who have been grieving since that website was lost in cyberspace, I hope you’ve started reading Oculus Infernus, the new home of head editor and writer Grover XIII. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the new blog can be found here. (And while we’re at it, No Clean Singing is over here.)

As I was saying, sometime, somehow I came across this group of Aussies, and I found them intriguing enough to “like” them on Facebook. Fast-forward to this May, when the band invited all their fans to “International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day” — when they planned to reveal an advance single from their then-forthcoming new album. I wrote about that impromptu holiday, and then shared the song (“Xenoflux”). Based on previous experience I had expected it would be good, but as it turns out, it was amazing!

To make a long story short, soon after that, the album was released in Australia and New Zealand on Welkin Records, a small, independent label run by one of the band members; right around the same time it was announced that Ne Obliviscaris had signed on with Italy’s Code666 Records for the rest of the world. This made perfect sense to me, since I’ve always found that Code666 tends to work with very good — and very unique — bands. So then the album was available all over the world, and about a month later, it’s finally time for me to share this masterpiece with you.


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Happy International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day!



And, as promised yesterday, here it is!


Now, get sharing! You can RSVP to International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day here.

Here is the link to pass along to all your friends:


New album Portal of I can be pre-ordered here; the official release date is the 7th of May.

Ne Obliviscaris: website, Facebook
Welkin Records: Facebook

Tomorrow is International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day!

So what in the hell does that mean, you may be asking yourself. Well isn’t it obvious from the name? Tomorrow (3 May 2012) starting at 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (that’s GMT+10, so for example, it would be 8 am in the UK, or 3 am on the American east coast), a brand new song will be available for your listening pleasure — courtesy of Melbourne-based, violin-centric, progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris. And, well, I’ll let them explain the rest:

Do you have good manners?

From very little we’re taught that sharing is the polite thing to do. So later today at 5pm (AEST), May 3, 2012 we are going to put up a new song from the album ‘Portal Of I’ (out May 7!), and in return all we ask of you guys is that if you like it, share it!

Let’s see how many people we can get sharing this song and how many people we can get to hear it!

Don’t hog it all to yourself, be polite and share.

You can RSVP to International Ne Obliviscaris Sharing Day here.

**Update: head on over here to check out the new song!**

New album Portal of I can be pre-ordered here; the official release date is the 7th of May.

Ne Obliviscaris: website, Facebook
Welkin Records: Facebook