Resent – Crosshairs (2020)

ResentCrosshairs (Dry Cough Records (UK) / Nerve Altar (US) / Rope or Guillotine (NL), 01 May 2020)


Things are looking pretty bleak right now — every day the news being reported sounds worse than the day before, and nobody can agree on how we can fix anything or when we’ll ever get back to a state resembling normalcy.

So with that in mind, perhaps you are looking for something cheery and uplifting to distract you and take your mind off the misery of your daily existence. If so, you’ve come to the wrong place, buddy.

Here is Crosshairs, debut LP by British Columbia’s Resent.



These six songs come complete with titles like “Miserable” and “Wallowing in Filth” to perfectly match the grimy, dismal atmosphere. Laden with feedback and cranked-gain noise, down-tuned and down-trodden riffs, and vocals that sound like a death-rattle rasping out of a decaying and mouldering body.

Enhancing the overall aura of unpleasantness already evident from the music itself, before and sometimes during the tracks the band has inserted a variety of sampled dialogue, always of a creepy or generally discomforting nature, achieving a similar effect as that produced by other sludge extremists such as Eyehategod or Noothgrush or especially Fistula.

If the whole quarantine and distancing thing already has you feeling pretty low and you are barely hanging on as it is, chances are Crosshairs may not be for you. But for those of you who figure life is usually pretty horrible and hopeless anyway, and this situation is just one more thing to toss atop a neverending tower of trash — well, then dig right in. In the words of Ron Swanson, “this will be no fun at all.


Download or stream Crosshairs on Bandcamp, or grab a copy on vinyl: United States, United Kingdom, Europe.


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