Kite – Irradiance (2020)

KiteIrradiance (Argonauta Records, 27 March 2020)


Good afternoon! Here we go with another recommendation of a recent release for you to insert into your ear-holes.

There have been some pretty stellar albums so far in 2020, but with the state of the world being what it is, I’m afraid some of them might end up slipping through the cracks and escaping the notice of many listeners. And that would be a shame, so we’re going to continue doing what we can to seek out the good stuff and bring it to your attention.

Argonauta Records is apparently stuck in lockdown along with the rest of Italy right now, and so they have delayed shipping out anything from their store at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this record from Norwegian trio Kite!



From the moment opening track “Ghost Signal” fades in through the last bit of feedback in “Mistweaver,” Kite treat you to a barrage of dark and gritty post-hardcore, filled with punchy rhythms and peppered with vocals ranging from drowsily sung minor-key melodies to series of strained screams.

While there are some exceptions — “Blood Calls Blood” frequently gives off an exasperatingly frenetic feeling, while later undergoing a gradual decelerando as it leads into the much sludgier “Morlock” (named for the shadowy underground creatures from The Time Machine) — most of the tracks here consist of hypnotically mid-paced grungy grooves (like “The Dweller” which sort of brings to mind Facelift-era Alice in Chains, except with more screaming, or “Mistweaver” which sort of brings to mind Dirt-era Alice in Chains, except with more screaming).


Stream or download Irradiance here, or grab one of the cool silver vinyl editions directly from the band right here.


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