Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (7 July 2012)

Good morning, Readers, and a happy Saturday to you!

I had all sorts of plans for yesterday, including another album review and a post to tell you about all the great shows happening in Pittsburgh last night and tonight… but, well, some things came up and I never did get a chance to get anything published.

It’s not such a big deal about the review, because I’ll get a chance to finish it sometime over the next couple days, but last night’s shows have already happened, and if you depend on this blog for news about local shows, then I’m sorry but you missed some good ones!

For example, The Cheats had their CD release show for their new album Pussyfootin! (read the review here), while also opening for Michale Graves on his War of Information Tour. Also appearing were local acts Children of October and Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. You can read more about the War of Information Tour here, and see if perhaps there’s another date you’re able to check out. The Cheats are also playing on a few other nearby shows — including tonight in Cleveland, tomorrow night in Huntington WV, and again next month in Altoona.

Other cool shows I didn’t get the chance to write about for last night included the Icarus Witch release party for their new album Rise (see the review for that one here), who were playing with Thunderfist, Rat Tits, and Reduce to Ash… and another show with local heavy-rockers Whiskey Rebellion.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for all these bands to be playing again, and will do my best to keep you informed about it if they do! But like I always say, I’m far from perfect, and I do miss stuff from time to time. (Also I’m not so delusional as to think that anybody out there really relies on me as their sole source of news!) I would highly recommend that you check out two other excellent sources of information, in addition to this one, for local events: The Pittsburgh Scene and MoshPittsburgh.

Having said all that, there are two shows I would like to let you know about for tonight (Saturday, 07 July)…



The Osedax, Vulture, and Del Rios

At the 31st Street Pub (3101 Penn Ave in the Strip)


9:00pm | 21+ only | $5

The Osedax are a sludge/doom band from Virginia. Vulture and Del Rios are both excellent bands from Pittsburgh. Check the Facebook event page for more details.



The Protomen with Dethlehem and Motometer

At the Altar Bar (1620 Penn Ave in the Strip)


7:00pm | all ages | $13-15

The Protomen are the only band I’m aware of that play music based on the Megaman video game series. Pittsburgh’s Dethlehem play music related to a totally different type of game, RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. Tracksploitation, with whom I was not previously familiar, appear to produce instrumental soundscapes. Motometer is also a local band, who play in more of a progressive rock style. Click here for an interesting recent article about the band. More details on this show at the Facebook event pages here and here, as well as on the Altar Bar website here (where you can also buy your tickets).


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