Ion Vein: Another Digital Release is in Progress

Hello again, good people who have subscribed to this blog or like it on Facebook and read my rambly words sometimes! I hope you all are having a pleasant Monday — except for whoever the fucker was that unliked my page today! That person probably won’t ever see this, but still, I hope they have the worst day ever, and then keep re-living it Groundhog Day style!

Haha, but not YOU, dear faithful reader who is currently reading this! In fact, to show my appreciation, I’ll let you in on a secret — for the second time today, I’ve got some information about a band we’ve talked about in the past, who plans on having some new material for us soon!



Chicago’s Ion Vein first came onto our radar screen way back in January, when they announced their IV v1.0 three-track Digital Release, available to download for free from Mortal Music. (You can read more about that here.)

At that time, the band was all geared up for an opening slot when Testament came through Chicago. Now, Ion Vein has just played another hometown show in support of Symphony X (in September), and during that show they decided to test-drive some brand-new material.

The band is currently working with producer Neil Kernon (Nile, Nevermore, Queensrÿche) to mix a batch of songs for their upcoming DR slated to be released sometime this fall.

Guitarist Chris Lotesto revealed,

We’ll be mixing five songs during these sessions and will meet with the crew at Mortal Music upon completion to finalize the game plan for this upcoming release, including the number of songs, artwork, etc. so stay tuned!

I’ll be sure to pass along all the information about their next DR as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, please to enjoy this little gem from IV v1.0:

Ion Vein: Facebook
Mortal Music: Facebook


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