Another Mortal Music DR Coming Soon: Monsterworks

Well holy shit, check this out.  It’s just like they say: speak of the devil and he appears at your elbow.

In this case, “the devil” is Mortal Music‘s Digital Releases — their little gift packages containing a few tracks at a time from a particular band, and made available for free download for a limited time, eventually leading up to a full-length album from that band.

Just this afternoon I was talking about the fact that Ion Vein is getting the details straightened out for their second DR, and I had literally just hit the “Publish” button on that article, when an email suddenly popped up in my in-box telling me that Monsterworks has announced details for the release of their second DR!



To follow this summer’s Man::Instincts (reviewed here), the London-based progressive thrashers have announced that Mortal Music will be putting out Man::Intrinsic on the 30th of October.

As the second of three parts that will ultimately make up a full-length called Album of Man, Intrinsic conceptually picks up where predecessor Instincts left off.  According to the band, the first release was an exploration of what it means to be human, while the next part will look at the inherent nature of mankind. 

Man::Intrinsic track listing: 
1. Unconditional Lie 
2. Taste of Doom 
3. Air 


While we wait for the official release date to roll around, here’s the video these guys shared not too long ago for the song “Free Will” from the first DR:

…and, Man::Instincts is still available for download from Bandcamp:

Monsterworks: website, Facebook
Mortal Music: Facebook, Bandcamp


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