Vesperia Now Have A New Guitarist; New Album On The Way Soon!


Good afternoon, readers! I hope your day is going well. In my opinion, this Monday doesn’t seem to be coming to an end nearly quickly enough! All I’ve wanted to do all day is go back home and get back in bed. Oh well, only a couple more hours before I’m able to do that.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some news with you. It’s been a few months since we mentioned Vesperia — the Canadian black/folk/pagan metal band who used to be called Bolero — and as you might have guessed, they’ve been as busy as ever during that time!

Following the release of their first demo EP under their new band name, the re-release of their 2011 full-length album, and the announcement that they were searching for a new guitarist, it turns out that they now have filled that missing spot in their line-up, and have been spending this winter working on more new material!


According to a press release from the band, the past year has been “super kind” to them, including the previously-mentioned name change and demo recording; “[performing] all over Ontario with tons of fantastic bands and [meeting] a ton of awesome people in the process.” And now, they are “taking the time to hammer out our next full-length album!”

Starting in November, they have been working at Icehouse Studios in Goderich, Ontario, with Thomas Ireland.  The band added, “This time around we are going to document every stage of the recording process … and our sub-human antics as well! These will be posted on our sites for your amusement and our humiliation!”

On top of all the other excitement, the band stated (in a separate press release), “We are very pleased to announce the addition of our newest guitar player, Frankie Caracci!”

It appears Frankie tried out for the band during their guitarist search this past fall, and ended up joining them. Since then, they have been working together “to prepare him for recording and live shows, which will no doubt be our tightest and most energetic ones yet!”

The band’s next full length album, which they are currently in the process of recording, will be titled An Olden Tale, and they say “it will be the perfect platform to display Frankie’s absolutely monster guitar skills!”


We have put together eight tracks of our best and most earth-shattering work to date (and one additional cover song which we’ve been meaning to do for years!) to be the body of this album.

We have also commissioned Finnish artist Yan Yrlund (Týr, Korpiklaani, Stratovarius) to give our new album the shimmering face we feel it will deserve!

We are more than excited to begin the next chapter of Vesperia!

Finally, the band also revealed a small part of the cover art for An Olden Tale (see the image at the top of this page) — and stated their intention to reveal the work in its entirety at some later date. Keep your attention right here, because I will be sure to pass along additional details — including release date and/or any tour dates that may surface — whenever they become available!

Vesperia: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Bandcamp, webstore


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