Borracho – Mob Gathering 7″

Borracho - Mob Gathering 7- - cover

It’s been nearly two years since Borracho, the heavy stoner-fuzz-rock band from Washington DC, graced the world with their debut album Splitting Sky. Since that LP was released (and subsequently landed on my Top 11 of 2011 list), there has also been a 7″ single (and video) for “Concentric Circles”, a video for “All in Play”, and a 10″ single for “Plunge/Return” (which was included in the digital and CD versions, but didn’t fit on the vinyl pressing of Splitting Sky).

Now, all that has been really cool, but we haven’t heard any NEW songs in a while! Well as it turns out, that’ll be changing soon, because in a few months the band will have a follow-up album out…


[In mid-February], we entered the studio to lay down brand new music for a proper follow-up release. We’ve reunited with Splitting Sky producer Frank Marchand at his brand new Hudson Street Sound studio in Annapolis MD. The as-yet untitled record will be co-released on limited edition 12″ vinyl by No Balls Records (Germany) and Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) in June.

So that’s pretty exciting, huh? But that’s not even all of the good news I have for you! Although it’ll still be a few more months ’til we get some new material, right now you can get treated to some OLD stuff — plus select east-coast cities are due to be visited by the band this weekend!



Back in the spring of 2009, we began work on what was planned to be our debut studio release, recording in an old, abandoned art deco mansion nestled in the woods of Arlington VA. These early “Mansion Sessions” wrapped up that summer, but we opted to not release the recordings. In the end, only two tracks from the mansion sessions were used as publicly-available demos in 2010, and some of the material was re-recorded for what would become our debut Splitting Sky, released in 2011.

The rest never saw the light of day… until now. Dusted off and polished up with a brand spanking new mix by Frank Marchand, these two tracks offer an historical glimpse into the early sounds we were crafting nearly four years ago. Shorter, faster, but with the requisite twists and turns, they offer something new for the Borracho fan and anybody just discovering us.

Those two tracks, “Mob Gathering” and B-side “Short Ride (When It’s Over)”, just came out as a limited-edition 7″ single. While both songs are relatively short (each a little under four minutes), they are still jam-packed with plenty of heavy riffs, as well as each featuring great fuzzed-out instrumental sections.

Giving off a fairly angry vibe that nicely matches the mood of the cover art, the A-side conjures images of precisely what its title suggests: throngs of pissed-off people, chaos, destruction, and shit getting set on fire.

While the second song’s lyrics seem a bit more introverted and reflective, the delivery conveys an irate mood similar to its predecessor. Regardless of this fact, both of these songs manage to be extremely catchy — just like the “Concentric Circles” single, or most of the songs from Splitting Sky, even during the first or second listen, you are almost guaranteed to find yourself singing/shouting along.

This new 7″ single has been co-released by No Balls and Ghost Highway, with a limited edition of 300 copies. 200 are available in black vinyl, while another 100 feature an orange/black swirl.

The songs are also available for streaming at Bandcamp, where you can also order a copy of the 7″.

You can catch them in Washington tomorrow night, in Pittsburgh on Friday, or in Philadelphia on Saturday! All three shows will be accompanied by Been Obscene (Austria) and Supervoid (Pittsburgh)…


Artwork by Chris Smith (  Click for larger image.

Artwork by Chris Smith ( Click for larger image.
March 28, 2013
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
w/ El Grande
March 29, 2013
Howlers, Pittsburgh PA
w/ Neon Warship
March 30, 2013
Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia PA
w/ Clamfight

Borracho: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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