The Secret Dethlehem Code, Deciphered (FOR REAL This Time)!

4 13 13



…by which, of course, I mean that my article from a few days ago analyzing Dethlehem‘s mysterious image (above) speculated that the answer had something to do with Dethlehem doing something. That much of it turned out to be absolutely 100% accurate. (The rest of what I wrote, not so much. Although those who are interested in the ins and outs of the recording process still can benefit greatly by visiting producer Patrick Lammie‘s blog as he details the creation of the band’s third full-length album!)

So what I thought was a crazy eye thing actually turned out to be a representation of a magical portal; the fact that the middle part of the “eye” looks like the number zero wasn’t just a coincidence; the other numbers superimposed on the image, surprisingly, had NOTHING to do with an encrypted message, but rather they indicated a significant date. That date, 04.13.13, was this past Saturday — and at some point during that day, the band uncovered a really exciting secret project…..





The first of the series, “Portals: Issue #0”, has just been released in digital format and you can download it (as a PDF file) for free!

The story picks up with the aftermath of the previous volumes of the Codex, apparently setting the groundwork for the next album, as well as addressing the fate of former band members Lord Bonecrush and Davidicus the Black — (I don’t want to have any spoilers about the end of the issue, but I will say this: the way it’s presented is absolutely GENIUS, if you happen to know what happened to those guys in real life!)

The illustrations (created by Hildor and the Bloodbeard) are absolutely spectacular, and it’s my understanding that the whole band worked together on adapting the story into graphic novel style. The whole thing, in my opinion, is a pretty tremendous achievement that anyone should be able to appreciate — even someone who is not necessarily a fan of comic books in general.

To get your FREE download of “Portals: Issue 0”, just head on over to this page and enter your email address. Then stay tuned for future editions from the Ghorusalem series!

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