VOS Videography 2013: A Mid-Year Retrospective (Part 1)


Well folks, here we are on another lovely Monday morning.  Another weekend has come and gone, and consequently, I find myself back at work once more. Even though I keep crossing my fingers and checking the results at lottery.net. I always see them reporting these huge dollar amounts followed by plenty of zeroes (and not just dollar amounts, either — jackpots in pounds and euros and stuff like that, for games all over the world that I’ve never even heard of). However, what I haven’t seen — yet — is any winning numbers that correspond with my numbers. I keep hoping, and thinking about how a few hundred million dollars (or whatever) would be pretty helpful in being able to live a more leisurely lifestyle; one in which my days are spent playing in a band, attending as many shows as I want to, listening to music. I’ll tell you one thing: I’d have a lot more time to get some writing done! And not having a job to go to would definitely mean I’d get the videos from shows edited and uploaded in a much more timely fashion.

But of course, I haven’t won any huge jackpots (yet), so I still do have to be back at work today. But following that incredibly awkward transition, speaking of going to shows and uploading videos to YouTube and stuff… we’re now halfway through this year, meaning I’ve now got six months worth of incredible bands’ performances available for your viewing pleasure!  On reaching this milestone, I’ve decided to invite you to join you in taking a retrospective look at that vast collection.


While I load myself up on coffee and ibuprofen, let’s first review the handful of videos that were included in the inaugural article about the VOS YouTube channel from back in January:


Garfield Artworks (Garfield / Pittsburgh, PA), 28 December 2012:

Meth Quarry – “Grimewave”

Meth Quarry – “Crash Anthem”


The Smiling Moose (South Side / Pittsburgh, PA), 17 January 2013:

Slaves BC – “Hide Us, O Death” and “Lucifer Bound”

Slaves BC – “Everything Under the Sun”


Howlers Coyote Cafe (Bloomfield / Pittsburgh, PA), 18 January 2013:

Solarburn – Full Set

Vie Boheme – “Tell Me Something Good”

Theia Collides – “Last Song”

Disillusion Effect – “Delusional Fortress”

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