Guns N’ Roses’ Incredible Comeback Shows No Signs of Stopping


Guns N’ Roses‘ Incredible Comeback Shows No Signs of Stopping


a guest article contributed by Dan Spiegel

If you told someone ten years ago that one of the most popular tours of 2016 and 2017 would be a Guns N’ Roses reunion, they probably would have laughed in your face. At that time, the band’s long-awaited comeback album, Chinese Democracy, had been delayed yet again, and lead singer Axl Rose was more of a punchline than the electric frontman he once was. Fast forward to today and the band is churning its way through an epic world tour while looking like they haven’t missed a beat.


The “Not in This Lifetime” tour has been a massive success since starting in April 2016. The band line-up features former bassist Duff McKagan, the return of Slash, and Axl himself. This marks the first time that these three have played together since the classic “Use Your Illusion Tour” back in 1993. As of April 2017, the tour already made $230 million with even more shows planned throughout the summer and on to the end of November. Guns N’ Roses also sold out a number of shows in both New Zealand and Australia and keeps building up steam as it begins the European leg this summer.

The incredible amount of money being generated on the road has helped to catapult the band to new heights that it didn’t even reach during its heyday in the ’80s and ’90s. For the first time in its history, GNR made the “Celebrity 100” list from Forbes for the the top earning entertainers in the world. GNR came in at #12 after posting $84 million in earnings in the last year. There’s a good chance that that they may even eclipse that number, because a good portion of the concert series is still to come.

Getting back on the road isn’t the only way that Guns N’ Roses has been mounting a comeback. As if it wasn’t earning enough playing shows, the band has also looked to license out its likeness for yet another lucrative revenue stream. The band is one of several legendary rock acts that have released their own slot reels featuring the members of the group along with their greatest songs. These games are among the games collected at the most prominent online platforms, where GNR, Jimi Hendrix, popular movies, and TV shows all share space as slot reels that have been huge hits with fans and casual gamers alike. When the additional revenue from these supplemental licensing deals gets added into their yearly earnings, it’s possible that GNR could move even higher up on the Forbes list.

Guns ‘N Roses is definitely making the most of its time back in the spotlight. These kinds of comebacks don’t happen every day for metal bands, so it makes sense that they’re trying to milk it for all it’s worth. There are even rumors that the band is thinking about making a new album , but right now it’s only in the planning stages and no time has been spent in the studio.

The band just wrapped up its latest European leg of the tour last month. Now Guns N’ Roses has returned to the Americas for more than 30 concerts throughout North and South America, starting in St. Louis.


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For more details on all upcoming tour dates, including ticket information, visit this page.




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