Psycho Las Vegas 2017


Psycho Las Vegas 2017

Thursday 17 August through Sunday 20 September 2017

at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, 4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas NV 89169

This weekend-long party in Sin City will feature some folks that you’ll recognize from previous mentions right here at Valley of Steel (Neurosis, Conan, Fister, Melvins, Hollow Leg, North, Ruby the Hatchet, Slomatics — just to name a few). Some other highlights will include Inter Arma, Black Anvil, Minsk, Goya, Manilla Road, Mouth of the Architect, Pelican, Vhöl, Year of the CobraYOB, Pentagram, Corrosion of Conformity, Sleep, Psychic TV… oh yeah, and King Diamond performing the whole Abigail album!

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3-day (Friday through Sunday) passes, and single-day tickets for Thursday Pre-Party, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday currently available at


Psycho Las Vegas 2017 full line-up:


POOL (Thursday 17 August)

08.50p-10.00p Pentagram
07.10p-08.10p Conan
06.00p-06.50p Goya
05.00p-05.45p Yawning Man
04.00p-04.45p Mustard Gas and Roses
02.55p-03.45p Sasquatch
02.00p-02.45p Ruby the Hatchet
01.00p-01.45p Graf Orlock
12.00p-12.45p Urchin
11.00a-11.45a Great Electric Quest


VINYL (Thursday 17 August)

12.00a-01.00a YOB
10.30p-11.30p Subrosa


JOINT (Friday 18 August)

12.00a-01.30a The Brian Jonestown Massacre
10.30p-11.30p Mulatu Astatke
09.00p-10.00p Sleep
07.35p-08.35p Magma
06.15p-07.15p Melvins
04.50p-05.50p Chelsea Wolfe
03.35p-04.35p Slo Burn
02.10p-03.10p Wolves in the Throne Room
01.00p-01.50p Mothership


POOL (Friday 18 August)

12.15a-01.15a Pelican
10.55p-11.55p Dark Castle
09.50p-10.40p Sumac
08.45p-09.35p Vhöl
07.45p-08.35p Young and in the Way


VINYL (Friday 18 August)

11.30p-12.30p Black Anvil
10.20p-11.05p Fister
09.00p-10.00p The Rods
08.00p-08.50p Royal Thunder
06.50p-07.50p Khemmis
05.40p-06.35p Toke
04.30p-05.30p Sons of Otis
03.30p-04.15p Usnea
02.30p-03.15p Mouth of the Architect
01.30p-02.15p Youngblood Supercult


JOINT (Saturday 19 August)

12.00a-01.30a King Diamond
10.30p-11.30p Neurosis
09.00p-10.00p Gojira
07.35p-08.35p Earthless
06.15p-07.15p Ace Frehley
04.50p-05.50p Carcass
03.35p-04.35p Myrkur
02.10p-03.10p Diamond Head
01.00p-01.50p Cough


POOL (Saturday 19 August)

12.15a-01.15a Psychic TV
10.55p-11.55p Jex Thoth
09.50p-10.40p Inter Arma
08.45p-09.35p Blood Ceremony
07.45p-08.35p Weedeater


VINYL (Saturday 19 August)

02.00a-03.00a Gost
12.15a-01.15a Saturndust
10.55p-11.55p Heavy Temple
09.35p-10.35p The Skull
08.25p-09.20p Morne
07.15p-08.15p Elephant Tree
06.00p-07.00p Celeste
05.00p-05.45p Cult Leader
04.00p-04.45p Snail
03.00p-03.45p Hollow Leg
02.00p-02.45p Summoner


JOINT (Sunday 20 August)

12.00a-01.30a Mastodon
09.15p-11.15p Swans
07.35p-08.35p The Murder City Devils
06.15p-07.15p Corrosion of Conformity
04.50p-05.50p Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas
03.35p-04.35p Cirith Ungol
02.10p-03.10p Abbath
01.00p-01.50p Zeal and Ardor
12.00p-12.50p Windhand


POOL (Sunday 20 August)

12.15a-01.15a Warning
10.55p-11.55p Slomatics
09.50p-10.40p Code Orange
08.45p-09.35p Gatecreeper
07.45p-08.35p Manilla Road


VINYL (Sunday 20 August)

10.55p-11.55p Floorian
09.35p-10.35p Domkraft
08.25p-09.20p Year of the Cobra
07.15p-08.15p Minsk
06.00p-07.00p Wizard Rifle
05.00p-05.45p Merlin
04.00p-04.45p Cloud Catcher
03.00p-03.45p Pigeonwing
02.00p-02.45p North


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