Two New Splits From Tankcrimes!


Cannabis Corpse / GhoulSplatterhash (7 January 2014, Tankcrimes Records)



Exhumed / Iron ReaganSplit 12″ (7 January 2014, Tankcrimes Records)




Tankcrimes Records has been known to put out some fairly unique and sought-after releases over the past few years. (For instance, who could forget 2012’s hugely successful Toxic Waste split featuring Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste?) Well yesterday, just barely a week into 2014, we find the label has issued not one but TWO more excellent split records to add to that impressive repertory.

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Toxic Holocaust / Municipal Waste “Toxic Waste” Split Now Expanded To Fourth Pressing!


So, this just happened.

Despite being available for free download since last June (see the Bandcamp player below), this 12″ split has burned through nearly four thousand copies since it first went on sale back in May. I guess that’s some positive news amidst all the doom-and-gloom we keep hearing about the record industry in general, and particularly about physical media.

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these yet, or if you’re such a die-hard collector that you’re making sure you have at least one of each color variant, looks like there’ll be another five hundred up for grabs soon!

Tankcrimes Records says:


The 4th pressing of this beast has been ordered! (It’s only been out 8 months, you guys are insane!) There are less than a dozen copies remain of each color variant from the 3rd press, if that’s important to you it’s time to act.

4th press is 500 on orange vinyl. Available in March.

Listen to/download Toxic Waste here:

Municipal Waste: website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation
Toxic Holocaust: Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Bandcamp
Tankcrimes: website, Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp

Happy (Belated) New Year!


* Happy National Day (for those who live on the island of Menorca)!


* Happy Feast Day of Saint Achilles the Confessor (for those who follow the Eastern Orthodox Church)!


* Happy Birthday to Benjamin Franklin “The Guy on the Hundred Dollar Bill,” James Earl Jones “The Voice of Darth Vader,” comedian Andy Kaufman, bassist Andy Rourke, boxer Muhammad Ali, actress Betty White, FLOTUS Michelle Obama, and singer Eartha Kitt!


* Let’s also commemorate the passing of music producer Don Kirshner, chess player Bobby Fisher, and former U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes!


If you can’t tell, I’m sort of reaching here, for any sort of a special occasion or commemoration to celebrate today. Since we’re now so long past the beginning of the year, I feel stupid saying “Happy New Year!” to you. But 2013 is still relatively new (and the majority of it is still yet to come), so I guess it really doesn’t hurt to still wish you a happy one.
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Toxic Waste Split – 3rd Pressing Now Available!

Good morning, readers, and a very happy Monday to you!

Or at least, a non-terrible one, if at all possible.

Remember the Toxic Waste split? Where Tankcrimes put together a couple songs by Municipal Waste and a couple by Toxic Holocaust, put them on each side of some uniquely colored vinyl, then slapped some ridiculously cool artwork on the front?

If not, I’ll give you a quick refresher on all the press coverage we’ve done so far: here was the story from May, about the initial pressing, which goes into a bit of detail about both bands, and the artwork, and also described the brilliant glow-in-the-dark vinyl (which was already sold out forever ago). Here was the story from June, right around the same time the first pressing was released, saying that the first thousand had already disappeared, but that a second set were available (and also that the four songs could be downloaded FOR FREE).

Well, the second thosand records also got snapped up pretty quickly — at this time there are still a few of the “Highlighter Yellow” and the green-yellow-blue “Striped” available, but less than a dozen of those are left! The “Toxic Spill” variety from the second batch is completely gone.

But don’t despair, because the those nice people that run Tankcrimes Records have announced that a third run has been produced, and they now have another thousand copies in stock — this time you can get Toxic Waste in the colors you see pictured above: 400 copies in “Slime” green, 350 in “Xtra Wild Party Blue,” and then 250 in “PP Spill” (clear vinyl with a big piss-yellow spot in the middle — yeah, they went there).

Once more, you can pick up one of these records (including the quickly-dwindling supply of second-editions) here.

And if you still haven’t heard it, you can listen to the split (and download the songs free) here:

Municipal Waste: website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation
Toxic Holocaust: Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Bandcamp
Tankcrimes: website, Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp

BREAKING NEWS: Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust – Toxic Waste Split – 2nd Pressing and FREE DOWNLOAD!


Good morning! It’s early as hell — I haven’t even had any coffee yet and I can’t quite see straight — but this news is too big to wait around before sharing. Sometime in the middle of the night, I got an email from Scotty at Tankcrimes Records saying that there is now a second pressing available of the Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust Toxic Waste split!

You can read all about this split 12″ release at this earlier post, if somehow you missed the news the first time around — including the track listing, a brief history of each band, summer tour dates, etc.

(And don’t forget — there’s also more free Municipal Waste tracks available to download for free here!)


But the big news right now is that 1000 more copies of this record are NOW AVAILABLE to buy (ORDER HERE), since the first ones flew off the shelves almost immediately. Pictured above, the new versions include:

200 – Striped (Green/Yellow/Blue)
350 – “Toxic Spill”
450 – Highlighter Yellow

And that’s not all — Tankcrimes has also released all four tracks from the split for FREE DOWNLOAD grab it here…

Municipal Waste: website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation
Toxic Holocaust: Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Bandcamp
Tankcrimes: website, Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp

Contest Alert: Win Municipal Waste Tickets (PLUS Free Downloads!)

Guess what! After last week’s post about the upcoming Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust split (still available for pre-order from Tankcrimes), I got word from Scion A/V that they will be giving away a pair of tickets to each and every date on the current Municipal Waste U.S. tour (with Black Tusk and 3 Inches of Blood)!

I apologize to those who live in North Carolina and Georgia, since the shows in those areas have already taken place; also, if you live in Florida, the winners for tonight’s show (29 May) in Orlando and tomorrow’s show (30 May) in Pensacola have already been drawn. Sorry!

But for the rest of the country, take a look at those tour dates (listed in last week’s post), then check out these simple directions:

  • Read the official rules here
  • Follow Scion A/V on Twitter here
  • Tweet this message: “@SCIONAV @MWTour [date of show]”

And that’s all there is to it. The randomly selected winner for each date will be notified one day before the show.

Just in case the chance to see them in concert for free isn’t enough for you, there’s even MORE Municipal Waste news… how about a pair of tracks for you to download ABSOLUTELY FREE?
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Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust – Toxic Waste Split – PREORDER NOW!!!

Hello there, readers! I wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as I learned about it: pre-orders are now available for the Toxic Waste Split 12″ (Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust)! CLICK HERE!

**UPDATE 19 June 2012** Since the first pressing of this split sold out so quickly, Tankcrimes has just announced a second pressing! PLUS you can now download both sides of the release FOR FREE! Check out this newer post for all the relevant details!

This record is coming out on 12 June 2012 via Tankcrimes Records, and I’m predicting it’s gonna go fast. If you’re a thrash fan who’s been keeping up with the explosion of retro/revival bands over the past several years, then you already know that these are two of the biggest names in that movement. If you aren’t already familiar with these bands, I’ll give you a brief introduction to them later in this post (including a list of dates for each band’s upcoming world tours!), but first I want to talk about this incredible package — which I’m sure is going to be a HUGE hit with vinyl collectors all over the world…


  1. Trapped in the Sites (Municipal Waste)
  2. Mourning Sex (Municipal Waste)
  3. We Bring ‘Em Hell (Toxic Holocaust)
  4. Alter-ed States (Toxic Holocaust)

Two of the songs (one from each band) can be streamed if you head over to Decibel Magazine‘s website.

For the past several months, Scotty at Tankcrimes has often talked about working with various manufacturers and testing a number of different formulations to come up with just the perfect glow-in-the-dark vinyl to use for this release. That kind of dedication should give you an idea of just how important this collectors’ item is going to be…

The extremely limited “Die Hard” edition of the release is available in either the picture-disc (which, as you can see above, features the album’s cover art) or the special glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Either of those will also include a beer koozie and a poster of that cover art, too. Oh, and by the way, I don’t know if you noticed, but the “Toxic Waste” logo inside the glowing globe in the center of the artwork is made of the “T” from “Toxic Holocaust” and the “W” from “Municipal Waste” — sorry, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…

Anyway, for those fans who might not also be into collectible vinyl (or, more likely, for those who want to save the picture-disc or glow-in-the-dark edition in mint condition, but still want to listen to the record) it’s also available in regular boring black or blue vinyl. With any of these editions, you will be sent a link to download a digital copy on the release date, as well.

**UPDATE – 23 MAY** I told you that glow-in-the-dark vinyl was going to be a hot seller and that it would sell out… but I never predicted that they’d all be gone by the afternoon of the first pre-sale day! But, that’s what happened — as of yesterday, there are no more glowing Toxic Waste records left. If you missed out, sorry, it sucks to be you. Next time you need to listen to me when I tell you to jump on something quickly! I just wish I had some extra cash lying around this week, or else I might have grabbed up a dozen copies!

But anyway, all is not lost because that picture-disc edition is still available (although that one surely won’t be around too much longer, either!), as well as the black or blue versions. **

Once again, the link to pre-order the split is here.

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