A Band of Orcs’ New Album Now Available for Pre-Order

Dear Readers, how are you on this lovely Monday afternoon??

Haha, I’m just kidding. Of course there’s no such thing as a lovely Monday afternoon, unless by some chance you happen to accidentally sleep through the entire day.

But I do have a little bit of good news to share with you … Adding Heads to the Pile, the debut full-length album by A Band of Orcs, will be released in exactly thirty days — on Halloween, fittingly — and starting right now, you can pre-order it to make sure you are one of the first to get your hands on the album! (Also to make extra sure the orcs are going to spare you during their forthcoming world domination — they obviously aren’t going to warn you in advance when it’s coming, so you’d better not take any chances!)


Humans, at long last the Domination draws nigh! After many delays and travails, you can now pre-order A Band of Orcs’ first full-length album Adding Heads to the Pile due to drop like a double-fisted hammer on Halloween 2012. You can now also check out the lyric vid for the first single, “In the Keeper’s Chamber,” put together by our minion Salo Sopor.


Pre-order the album now and we’ll send you free MP3s of the first super-single “In the Keeper’s Chamber,” which also includes the B track “Hall of the Frozen Dead.”

Head over to our Loot Bin and add some merch to the deal with packages that include patches, stickers, posters (signed by the band), and a official Gore-Stained Axe Tribe Gaming Miniatures.

Hail Gzoroth!!!

The album can be pre-ordered here.

We talked briefly about the single “In the Keeper’s Chamber” here, when it debuted back in June.

More info on the album from the band’s official website:

Humans, come along with us as we take you along for a carrion crow’s-eye view of our savage adventures through Hirntodia, telling the story of “giant troubles” in the neighboring human kingdom of Undonia. The king of the realm attempts to exploit the battle ferocity and brutality of orcs and hires the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe (of whom A Band of Orcs are the WarChiefs or rulers) to do the humans’ dirty work, calling upon us to rout the marauding giant enclaves that have plagued the land. In addition to paying A Band of Orcs hefty sums of gold, the King of Undonia decides to hedge its bets by employing sorcery to bind the our wills with a geas. This sorcery-laden coercion infuriates the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe as much as it binds us and we vow to return and deal with the humans that have so entrapped us.

We tell you 13 metal tales of how we rage through the realms of earth, ice, and fire to fulfill the geas. This full-length release features cover art and an interior map/tracklisting by fantasy illustrator and long-time orc slave Chuck Lukacs, most famous for his work on the best-selling card game Magic: the Gathering. The “In the Keeper’s Chamber” single and other interior illustrations come by way of fantasy art up-and-comer Lorraine Schleter to collide in an art/music juggernaut reminiscent of the ancient days of the heavy metal LP.

1. Prepare for Domination
2. When the Hills Run Red
3. In the Keeper’s Chamber
4. Of Broken Chains and Shattered Skulls
5. Wyrd of the Winter Wolf
6. The Darkness that Comes Before (Interlude)
7. Hall of the Frozen Dead
8. Lair of the Ice Wyrm
9. Stormbringer
10. At the Mouth of Fire
11. Fall of the Fire Lord
12. Adding Heads to the Pile
13. A Deeper Evil (Instrumental)

So “Prepare for Domination” as the Gore-stained Axe Tribe invades the earth giants’ fortifications, vows vengeance “When the Hills Run Red”; overcomes the loathsome horror found “In the Keeper’s Chamber,” and sings “Of Broken Chains and Shattered Skulls” at the liberation of our tribes-kin from the dungeons of the earth giants. Cross the frigid wasteland of the ice Jarl to decipher the “Wyrd of the Winter Wolf.” Enter the “Hall of the Frozen Dead” where the secrets of fallen warriors remain unspoken. Find an escape from the dread “Lair of the Ice Wyrm.” Invoke the name of the great “Stormbringer” Gzoroth, the dragon-god of Hirntodia and the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe. Toss human sacrifices into a volcano “At the Mouth of Fire” to secure favor from the dragon of chaos and flame to ensure the “Fall of the Firelord”.

Then come to an orc-style celebration of the completion of A Band of Orcs’ geas by “Adding Heads to the Pile” … the heads of those humans in the Kingdom of Undonia that sought to enslave us with mental sorcery, only to discover that “A Deeper Evil” lurks in the shadows of the giant troubles.

But that is a tale for another night … or, perhaps another album.

Pre-order Adding Heads to the Pile NOW!

A Band of Orcs: website, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, webstore


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