Nekrogoblikon – Power (2013), Dethlehem – Destroyers of the Realm (2015)


NekrogoblikonPower (self-released, 27 August 2013)



DethlehemDestroyers of the Realm (self-released, 06 January 2015)


Hey, folks. Today’s theme is going to be fantasy-RPG-inspired metal. I know that sounds oddly specific, but there are a couple bands in that realm I’d like to discuss, and they both just happen to be playing a show together later this week. First, Californian horde Nekrogoblikon, as you may have guessed, write songs that are based on goblins — those devilish inhabitants of folklore, who in this instance resemble the nasty green creatures of Warhammer and later fantasy games, more so than the bumbling little muppets from Labyrinth, for example. The band has been around for a few years — the EP I’ll soon talk about was released nearly three years ago, in fact — but since they’re currently on a raid across the country, it seemed like as good of a time as any to share their music with you today. Nekrogoblikon‘s tour will be storming through Pittsburgh in just a few days (accompanied by Urizen from Fort Worth), and when it does, rest assured that a ragtag band of local heroes will be ready for them.

Regular readers of this website are already familiar with Pittsburgh’s own Dethlehem, perhaps from the time we did an interview with them, or from any number of other times the band has been mentioned here. For those who somehow managed to miss out on these guys previously, imagine a group of musicians who have gathered together in precisely the way a typical Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party would: someone who has good fighting skills, someone who knows magic, people who can specialize in lead guitar or rhythm guitar or bass guitar, someone who is good at sneaking around quietly and gathering information or stealing things, folks with vocal skills and drumming know-how, and so on. Basically, a group of people whose strengths and weaknesses can complement each other, and who can work together harmoniously.


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The Bloody Seamen – Ahoy, Motherfuckers (2013)


The Bloody SeamenAhoy Motherfuckers (self-released, 19 September 2013)


Hello there, friends and fans of great music! Here’s something I’d been planning on sharing with you last week, but I didn’t have a chance to get any writing done all week because shit got crazy at work. Between someone on vacation, someone at a week-long conference, someone having to go to the hospital, and a temp who doesn’t know how to do much yet, my department was reduced by about half. Which means instead of doing the work of two people, I was actually working for like three or four. No fun.

But really, this review is way more overdue than that — the album I’m telling you about was actually released nine months ago (coincidentally, last year’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day), and I’ve been listening to it over and over since then. The debut album by Pittsburgh’s premier pirate rock band, The Bloody Seamen, impressed me and exceeded my expectations so much, it gained a spot on my list of 2013’s best releases. And today (finally!) I’d like to tell you why.


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What To Do In Pittsburgh This Weekend (10 – 12 August 2012)

Hey Pittsburgh, it’s Friday! The weekend is just about upon us, so of course everyone is looking for something to entertain themselves with over the next few days, right? I’ve got all the answers RIGHT HERE!

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Get to Know: The Bloody Seamen (Pittsburgh’s Premier Pirate-Rock Band)

The Bloody Seamen is the premier Pirate-Rock band in the Pittsbugh area. They won an award from Backallie Music for “Best Live Band in Pittsburgh” in 2011. Also, little known fact, they’re actually better at playing baseball than the actual Major League Baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. But the same could be said about practically anybody, so these guys tend to focus on their own unique skill-set, which involves drinking rum*, plundering booty (both kinds), and plenty of high-seas hijinks, but primarily their mission statement is to “crush your souls and melt your faces with sheer rock n’ roll power.”

Their songs range from traditional accapella shanties to blistering, bombastic rock n’ roll. Their music can only be matched by their stage shows which include swordplay, firearms, audience participation, fisticuffs, and all sorts of high-seas skullduggery.” See below for audio and video evidence of said skullduggery.

* – And speaking of rum, these buccaneers embarked on a campaign a few weeks ago to attrack the attention and sponsorship of Sailor Jerry brand “Original Spiced Navy Rum” — the potent-potable maker has sponsored music acts, but never a pirate-themed rock band, and TBS have made it their mission to become the first. To this end, any fans are encouraged to get in touch with the company with a (polite) request to consider the band.

Led by Captaine Maurice Lafiet Blaqueguttes (vocals), this band of cut-throats also consists of First Mate Mr. Alasdiar “Pipes” Quint (fife/accordion/bagpipes), Quartermaster “Filthy” Cheswick Springdale (guitar), Botswain “Keelhaul” Von Blaggard III (drums), Master Gunner Thom “Gunny” Castor (guitar), and Swabbie “Squid” (bass).

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